About us

Café Sweet is your ideal one-stop food, beverage, and entertainment concierge that caters to small businesses, corporate clients, the entertainment industry and individuals. What’s sweet about us? We create recipes to clients specification, sweet, savory or bread.

Established in 2012 we are known for producing quality yeast base products such as our Pizza dough along with a wide variety of the finest baked goods from French, Italian and Caribbean cuisine. Since its inception, the business has carved an impressive path to be a distinct leader in food and beverage industry specializing in gourmet food, sugar and confectionary products tailored to acquired pallet market segments in Jamaica.

About the Chef

Chef Lafayette is a quiet storm behind the scenes, always creating something new. Born in Kingston Jamaica. A graduate of the University of Technology as a Baking Technologist. A University College of the Caribbean graduate in Hotel Management. A CIA/HEART graduate as a Chef de Cuisine. Former chef of the Opryland Hotel, Nashville, USA. Former chef to two French Ambassadors at the French Embassy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be apart of the transformation of Jamaica being independent of foreign food imports. To eat what we grow. To usher the next generation into having their own back yard farm and presenting fruits and vegetable to children at an early age. Creating gourmet food in 3d colours so that we will become thefood capital of the Caribbean.